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DPS Music Academy

Sai Baba Colony,Coimbatore

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About DPS Music Academy

Music, for many, is relaxation; an escape from encompassing stress of today’s demanding world. But for Mr.Isaac Sunder, music means everything – a way of life. Mr.Isaac Sunder, hails from Coimbatore, with a penchant for grooming aspiring musical minds . Earlier, music aspirants had to move to Chennai or Bangalore to pursue their passion to train from a quality music academy.

Music Class


Drums have been used as percussive devices for purposes as diverse as rituals to call down rain in Africa, to lift the fighting morale of soldiers marching into battle in medieval Europe or to keep jazz ensembles in Swing-era New York on the ball.


We provide the absolute beginners and those starting to play piano, with complete lesson, guidance, information, and assistance about piano. I will try to give all of the lessons clearly, including the beginner piano lessons that are free to choose with various styles, from classical, pop, rock, blues, jazz, and many more.


The violin is the primary member of the orchestral string family, which includes the violin, viola, cello and double bass. In orchestras, each section has a leader, but it is the leader of the first violins who is the concertmaster.


Perhaps no other instrument in the last five decades has been able to capture the imagination of popular culture and music in the way the guitar has. It’s ability to encompass and animate almost every style of popular musical expression from the lilting romantic ballad, to the dark, angst-driven metal riff, makes the guitar a vital component in almost all forms of contemporary music.


Vocal range plays such an important role in classifying singing voices into voice types that sometimes the two terms are confused with one another. A voice type is a particular kind of human singing voice perceived as having certain identifying qualities or characteristics; vocal range being only one of those characteristics.

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Address: No.31/14, A.K.G Layout, Bharathi Park, Between 7th and 8th Cross, Saibaba colony, Coimbatore – 641011.


Phone: +91 9486919631

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