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K V Matric Higher Secondary School

  • Location: Coimbatore, Kurumbapalayam
  • Type: matriculation School

About K V Matric Higher Secondary School

The School was started with well equipped laboratories in all the departments. The equipments were imported from UK and USA. Over the years the laboratories.
The Board of Trustees is the top governing body of the KV Charitable Trust. They have ultimate responsibility for the financial, administrative and academic affairs of the College. A governing board’s fundamental responsibility is to chart the institution’s course and ensure that the institution has the resources it needs to fulfill its mission. The board also has a unique fiduciary role in finance and budgeting, in endowment and investment management, and in preserving and expanding physical resources. In addition, the board ordinarily is called on to participate in fundraising activities.



The school has a fully functioning cafeteria with food and beverages served at a reasonable rate to students as well as staff.

Medical Facilities

The school is equipped with its own dispensary intended for the benefit of the students and faculty of the school.

3D Science Lab

The school has a 3D Science lab that helps visually understand science concepts. This lab is setup with an expense of Rs.5lakh for the student use.


More Scholarships can be found at the School office. Parents and deserving students are advised to inquire at the school office about applying.


Admissions open for 2019-20 contact :95009 98409



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Address: KV Matric Higher Sec School 546 Sathy Main Road Kurumbapalayam Po Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641107

Phone: +91 9500713333


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