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Lilliputs Play Way School

Vadavalli, Coimbatore

Lilliputs Play Way School offers a rich, nurturing and experiential program for children from 2 1/2 years to 5 years of age.
We at Lilliputs Play Way School are committed to developing and strengthening the children’s self esteem and confidence through the cultivation of love, energy, imagination, creativity, interest, care and comfort.
Children’s love to come to Lilliputs. We provide a safe and loving environment for their first learning experience. Our playschool offers highly qualified teachers, including specialists in working with children who have special needs.
We want our children to feel confident and self-motivated. The school’s environment helps them to be perceptive and aware of others and their needs. We also make them feel responsible to their natural environment. The learning materials and activities are designed to enable each child to explore their creativity. This makes learning enjoyable and promotes the child’s uniqueness.
Every child is special and unique, and here we give them their own pace to learn.

Information about the school

School Name

Lilliputs Play Way School

School Type

Grade Level





Culturals,Art and Crafts


Play Area


No:10 Love Nest, Super Garden, E.B. Colony, Vadavali, Coimbatore – 641 041.


Phone Number

+91 9994057150



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