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Buds N Cubs Play School

  • Location: Coimbatore, Saravanampatti
  • Type: kindergarten School

About Buds N Cubs Play School

Etymologically guru refers to teacher and kul is derived from kula, which denotes an extended family. Guru-kul thus denotes an integrated environment where knowledge seekers from all walks of life learn the value, mission and the ultimate purpose of basic human existence in a systematic and structured manner under the direct tutelage of a knowledge provider. The word Gurukulam is used frequently in southern part of India owing to the influence of Tamil, where the Sanskrit root work kula and the Tamil word kulam refer to Heritage, or domain or extended family or in some aspects, Demography.


Social Development

The first group experience is obtained in preschool. Children get their experiences with their contemporaries whose interests and capacities are at about the same level as their own.

Method Of Study

The method of study consisted in listening to the teacher, reflection on what has been listened to and its constant revision and discussion.

Our Staff

Our SRISTI BUDSNCUBS Staffs are highly qualified, enthusiastic individuals who have opted out of the demanding corporate world to groom their own children and have now volunteered to spend their valuable time with your child.


Education must from character. Mere intellect was not of worth if the person was devoid of not much morality.



Our Facilities

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Address: Buds N Cubs Play School 1, Rajeshwari Nagar, Near Kgisl, Thudiyalur-Saravanampatti Road, Saravanampatty, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 641035

Phone: +91 9095024024


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