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Anan Kids Academy

  • Location: Coimbatore, Kalapatti
  • Type: kindergarten School

About Anan Kids Academy

Anan comes from an illustrious lineage, the four decade old corporate Sharp Pumps. Among the most prominent names associated with domestic and agricultural water pumps, sharp has always strived to reach out beyond business as well. Education has remained a key element of its socially responsible endeavors, from education & support to children with challenges and basic education to rural children to employment – oriented technical education. As an initiative of Sharp, Anan draws from its parent company’s passion for education to deliver a holistic learning platform for children.


Club Activities

At Anan, various club activities have been planned in such a way that will expand the child’s horizons. These activities which are considered as the need of the hour exposing them to all possible fields teaching the students real-world skills equipping themselves to all situations in their future life.

Co-Curricular Activities

CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Co-curricular programs are defined as those activities that enhance and enrich the regular curriculum during the normal school day. Co-curricular programs are defined as those activities that broaden the educational experience which usually take place beyond the normal school day.


Anan manages a fleet of high quality air conditioned buses that ply from different parts of the city. Every bus has a ‘care taker’ as well as detailed contact information of the parents of students travelling on that route.


Admissions for the Academic year 2019-20 commences.



Our Facilities

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Address: 14 / 283 / 1, Sitra Road,Kalapatti,
Coimbatore – 641048.

Phone: +91 9047127000


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