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Sri Vinayaka Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School

  • Location: Coimbatore, Karamadai
  • Type: cbse School

About Sri Vinayaka Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School

The School, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi, was established in 2004, catering to the educational needs of students, with an uncompromising emphasis on quality education. The present strength of the school is around 650. Our sincere conviction is that every child is born endowed with unique capabilities and vast potentials which have to be tapped in a child- friendly learning atmosphere so that he/she blossoms into a masterpiece of creation. When young minds are moulded and their character is formed, a nation is built. To achieve this great mission of nation building, the school follows a child-centred curriculum based on CBSE pattern supplemented with co-curricular and extra-curricular programmes.



A sprawling campus with calm & magnificent infra-structure. The school is in vernal settings catering to students from rural and urban areas provide quality education.

Healthy Eating

As a school, we actively encourage our children to adopt a healthy life style. A nutritious snacks at low cost are provided in the school canteen. Students must bring vegetables or egg in their lunch menu.

Child Protection

Home Contact System A form will be sent home at the beginning of each school year on which emergency contact numbers must be given and returned to school. If any changes, parents are informed to report it immediately to the school office.


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Address: Sri Vinayaka Vidhyalaya Senior Secondary School 113/4, Periyaranganathapuram Seeliyur (P.O), Bujanganur Road, Karamadai, Tamil Nadu -641113

Phone: +91 4254284555


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