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S R Leaders Public School

  • Thadagam Road
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About S R Leaders Public School

SR Leaders public school was established to empower the children with good knowledge, global thinking and to implement innovative ideas. All of us have an equal talent, but all of us should possess an equal opportunity to develop it. Moreover, children are like a lamp, they should not be filled, they should be lit for a Bright future. SR Leaders allow children to develop their individual talents and encourage to overcoming their disabilities, by providing a traditional and spiritual way of education. SR leaders stimulate an opportunity for the children to build their career on their own with self-confidence and to survive the world and to compete for the global economy needs. As per the sayings of Vivekananda. Teaching is a service of human to empower one with knowledge. Hence, I am Really proud to be a teacher than to that of any other profession, Education and learning is the most important ingredient in life. One who Possesses both in life can become as wish they would like to be. Teaching is based on, not only the knowledge but stimulates children to gain. In our SR Leaders, children feel the difference and they can affiliate their talents among all others in the world.

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Address: 2/450'3,Thiruvalluvar Nagar,
Thadagam Road,Coimbatore.


Phone: +91 7373775475

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