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Psg Public School

  • Location: Coimbatore, Peelamedu
  • Type: cbse School

About Psg Public School

PSG Public Schools, Coimbatore, aims to educate the children to fulfill the highest ideals of learning.. They learn to appreciate the differences in the accepted social and moral codes of behaviour. They should be prepared to resist the yoke of superstition and custom, to use their own initiative, to accept discipline, responsibility and leadership. They should outgrow the fear of unpopularity and defeat.They should have increasing opportunities, as they grow older, to take charge, to organize, to act on their own and, in consequence, to make mistakes and learn from these.


Admission procedures

Our School is affiliated to CBSE from classes 1 to 12. We do offer Tamil and Hindi Course B as II languages.


Class room must be kept,tide. Text-books and excise books must not be defaced in any way. Desks and cupboards must not be defaced and must be kept tidy.


No boy or girl may possess any literature without having it approved and signed by the Class Teacher or English or Second Language Teachers, as appropriate.


Admission into any class other than Pre-KG in our school is only against the vacancies and usually there is a stiff competition for filling a few vacancies. Hence, you are advised to contact the school office in the month January every year.



Our Facilities

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Address: Psg Public Schools Avanashi Road,

Phone: +91 04224344220


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