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Kovai Vidya Mandhir School

  • Location: Coimbatore, Thottipalayampirivu
  • Type: cbse School

About Kovai Vidya Mandhir School

The year was 2014 February, the seed of social consciousness that his mother had sown in the mind of Mr.Pradev Aathivel, when he was of impressionable age, was now germinating and sprouting the outcome and establishing of Kovai Vidya Mandhir School, Coimbatore. The foundation stones of this institution was laid by his late mother Mrs.Radha Padmanaban who strove all odds to make her dreams come true. She believed that every child deserves an education, regardless of their circumstances. We sow the seeds of self - discipline and self- confidence today to make the Eminent Leaders of Tomorrow.


Sports Academy

The uniqueness of the school is its playground. Here at KVM we have got individual sports fields for Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Kho-Kho, etc;. We have well-reputed coaches for training students for each sport.

Summer Coaching

NextCurriculum is a comprehensive curriculum solution that seamlessly integrates impactful audiovisuals, hands-on activities, simulations, lesson plans, books, assessments and more. It provides teachers, students, parents with a well-structured and detailed plan of action. This facilitates quality education and further enhances the educational experience for all the stakeholders involved.

School Library

A large spacious library is a delightful place, rendering an invitation for anyone to hop in. It houses a collection of periodical, journals, books and magazines, catering to the needs of the different section of students. Every child, right from III rd std has issued a book for a week to have the habit of reading.


We believe in providing a holistic education to our students. Our main purpose is to inspire them to explore new avenues in their journey of education. We emphasize on discipline and value based education, academic achievements. We provide our students an opportunity to excel in various kind of sports such as Cricket, Football, Throwball, Voleyball , KHO-KHO and Athletics.


Our Facilities

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Address: 19, Near Sitra, Avinashi Road, Thottipalayampirivu,Cbe.

Phone: +91 9092741327


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